Small Business Grants Awarded in Pennington County


Erik Beitel, Emergency Manager presented Tuesday during the board meeting of the Pennington County Commissioners. Beitel updated the board about the Small Business CARES grant. The CARES committee met September 2nd to review 48 applications in the 1b group. Of the 48: 30 were approved, 8 are still pending and 2 of the applications were referred to other resources-some of the applications were put on hold for paperwork.  The initial group of Pennington small business CARES grants have been awarded $279, 786 in total grants.   The second group, 1-b, was awarded $300,000 grants last week.  The third group of small businesses (1-c)  is scheduled for this (9-9-2020) morning at nine. Beitel reported that 11 new applications were received from Friday through Tuesday morning.

There is approximately $170, 000 left in CARES grant funding in Pennington County although there are applications that have yet to be processed for lack of paperwork. There are well over 80 applications that have been processed so far. Emergency Manager Beitel felt they were right on track or even a little bit ahead of their original timeline. There has been some confusion in that they need documentation of loss of revenue backed by financial documents-a simple statement is not enough for the application. Beitel said that the process is about ¾ complete and that businesses should contact his office for any questions about CARES grants at 218-683-7087


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