Day Two of Pulczinski Trial


Tuesday was day 2 of the State of Minnesota against Devon Pulchinski-charged in the murder of Alexandra Jo Ellingson.

Special Agent Adams of the BCA was on the stand and he told the State’s Attorney John Gross about the traffic stop of Pulchinski. “there were 3 individuals in the vehicle, we told them to get out with a show of hands, and Pulczinski said, “they had nothing to do with this, it’s all me.” 


Special agent Adam’s also described some of the follow up procedures taken after March 27th, these included search warrants for cell phones, social media and witnesses. DNA swabs were taken of Pulczinski and Noel Hochkins, along with fingerprints. The BCA found a partial fingerprint on a piece of tape that was on the plastic bag that was put over Alexandra Ellingson’s head.



Dr. Kelly Mills, Ramsey County chief Medical examiner testified that she started the autopsy of Ellingson on March 29th. Dr. Mills found wire around Ellingsons’s throat with a plastic bag over her head. Both her hands were bound behind her back, and her legs were bound.  Dr. Mills said that Alex had died of asphyxiation, the lack of oxygen from the plastic bag and the gag.

Jason Brinkman, a friend of the defendant testified that it was he and two females who picked up Pulczinski at the Amtrak station the night he was supposed to go to treatment. On their way back to Thief River Falls, Brinkman said that Devon “wanted to take out the snitches”.

Enoch Evenson testified that he had gone to wake-up Pulczinski soon after the warrant was served.  When he arrived, Evenson testified that Pulczinski was under the influence, and mentioned stolen items like money and meth, and he said he thought it was Alex, Fluffy and Evenson.  He said Pulchinski was agitated, and yelling.  Evenson called Colton Reese, a friend of the defendant and after which Reese pleaded with Pulczinski to calm down.  



The state called Katherine Larson who has known Pulczinski for many years. Pulczinski came to her apartment and asked her to get a hold of Alex for him, that he had been looking for her. Larson told Pulczinski that she was not able to get a hold of Alex.

Court resumes Wednesday morning at 8am. There will be no court on Thursday but will resume on Friday at 8am.


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