Pennington County Humane Society Kennel Challenge Sunday


The Pennington County Humane Society (PCHS) has become such a part of the region that it’s hard to remember a time when they did not exist. Since 1997, the non-profit organization has grown to fulfill a community need for homeless animals and even provide community education about the humane/ethical treatment of animals.  

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual Humane Society rummage sale was cancelled. The event has been replaced with something called the Kennel Challenge, a fundraiser based on “jail and bail” which will be held this Sunday afternoon from noon to three. 

The Pennington County Humane Society is now taking a large, careful step into continuing their mission for many years into the future by owning their facilities. Up until now, the benevolence of Judi Bruggeman has provided the ground upon which the Humane Society has grown, That same ground is now going to become the Pennington County Humane Society as an owned entity. This will ensure solid footing for the future of the Pennington County Humane Society.  

We spoke with Pennington County Humane Society Board President, Sheila Johnson, who said that the Humane society was so grateful for their partners and the support received from the community. The Humane Society will count on this support again this Sunday during the Kennel Challenge as Humane Society board members are placed in pens and will be offered for adoption from noon until 3 pm.

The adoption fees will go towards the continued mission of the Pennington County Humane Society which, in part, promotes respect for animal life, works to prevent animal homelessness, abuse, and provides community education. The Kennel Challenge will be streamed live during installments, on the Pennington County Humane Society Facebook page this Sunday from Noon to 3.

Those who wish to support the Pennington County Humane Society may donate through their Facebook page, from their website or by calling the office at 218-681-8045.


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