Monday was day 5 in the murder trial of Devon Pulczinski. Pulczinski is on trial in the murder of Alexandra Jo Ellingson.

Monday was filled with testimony from various Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents from Bemidji and St. Paul. The Testimony took much of the day as there were many pieces of evidence to process, these included photographs, body fluids, cords, swabs and a gas can handle which all tested negative for blood.

Latent prints were also taken as part of the investigation. Latent prints are those prints that remain unseen to the naked eye and have been destroyed due to heat. The murder scene had also been subject to a fire. 

Some testimony was to create a chain of evidence. Chain of evidence is a list of those who have handled evidence as part of process and storage efforts. 

Kristen McDonald from the BCA Forensics Laboratory in St. Paul analyzed fire debris for chemicals and residues. Compounds evaporate fast if it’s a long time between collection and testing. A towel and pants were examined with no ignitable substance found on either one. 

McKenize Anderson-BCA Forensics – St. Paul – presented evidence about the process to extract nuclear DNA and had examined the gas can, computer cord and hair for DNA.  Anderson tested for the DNA of Devon Pulczinski, Colton Reese and Alexandra Jo Ellingson.  The BCA Forensics technician found that the hairs tested showed a major male presence.

Attorney Arthur Martinez cross-examined Anderson and asked if a sample of Noah Hawkins was done. It was not.

Danielle Weckwerth – who dated Pulczinski from 2015-18 was on the witness stand Monday. She was asked  about Pulczinski’s thoughts about Alexandra Ellingson. Weckwerth testified that Pulczinski did not care for her. Pulczinski told her “I would never be with her, he hated her.” Weckwerth testified that Pulczinski has told her that he woke up to find Alex going through his pockets.

The murder trial of Devon Pulczinski continues today, and began this morning at 8.


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