Electrostatic Cleaners assist County in Battle against Covid-19

This is the electrostatic cleaner.

CARES funds are now being used by Pennington County in an effort to disinfect county buildings and offices. Erik Beitel brought an example to the recent Pennington County board meeting on Tuesday. Electrostatic, hand-held cleaners are now being distributed through county buildings. These hand-held cleaners mist chemical onto surfaces that are subject not only to the coronavirus but surfaces that may have other virus, bacteria or fungi on them.

The cleaners are $699 per unit and Pennington County has purchased seven. Two of the cleaners will be stationed in the jail and then one cleaner will be placed at each the Social Service building, COunty Engineers office, the Government Center (which is the former courthouse,) and the District Court. The Law Enforcement Center and the Justice Center will share one unit. 

Maintenance staff will be instructed on proper use of the cleaners as will those who use them. The cleaners will also be useful in cleaning squad cars and jail cells along with any high-use areas. 


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