Three Northern Pride Employees test Positive for Covid-19


Inter-County Nursing Service is actively engaged in a COVID-19 response with Northern Pride

Inc. In collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health and several other partners, Inter County is now coordinating testing for all employees.

Northern Pride has had a total of three employees that have tested positive for COVID-19, with

two cases being active as of Tuesday. The first two cases had contact with a positive case outside of the workplace and testing occurred in the immediate work area for any potential exposure in the workplace based on Minnesota Department of Health. As a result of that testing,  one employee tested positive.

Testing at Northern Pride will continue to occur throughout this week and will help determine the extent of exposure and transmission. All employees that are considered close contacts, are quarantined.

Northern Pride Incorporated is considered critical infrastructure and officials have placed several

strategies to keep operational and at the same time keep employees safe and minimize spread of COVID-19.

Our community and region is experiencing a significant increase in cases and we are seeing a

majority of the spread between family, friends, and gatherings, which unfortunately then also

spreads into the workplace.

In a press release on Tuesday, Inter-County Nursing Service stated that they have been working with Northern Pride since the onset of the pandemic and that the food processor has done a great job of implementing strategies for early detection and to  minimize spread and have done so successfully for 6 months.


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