Local Reaction to Absentee Ballot Court Decision


If you would like to check to see if your mail-in ballot has arrived to be counted, please check mnvotes.org

Minnesota’s secretary of state said Thursday it’s too late for voters to mail back their absentee ballots if they want to make sure their votes count, after an appeals court ruling indicated that mail-in ballots arriving after Election Day are at risk of being invalidated.

A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Minnesota absentee ballots arriving after Election Day should be separated from other ballots in case they are later invalidated by a final court order. The ruling doesn’t block Minnesota’s seven-day extension for counting absentee ballots outright, but puts the grace period in danger.

Marshall County Auditor/Treasurer Scott Peters has said that voters should bring their mail-in ballots directly to his office to ensure they are counted. Peters also said that those who only recently mailed their ballots could come to his office and vote in person instead of waiting for their ballot to arrive. He also encouraged voters to check the mnvotes.org website to see if their mail-in ballot had arrived. Peters said to call his office with questions at 218-745-4851

Thief River Falls Radio also spoke with the Pennington County Auditor’s Office and they gave very similar information. They also said that if voters had an absentee ballot and had not mail it yet, they could choose to vote at a poll however it may be just as well to hand-deliver the absentee ballot directly to their office. Their number for questions is 683-7000.

As of Thursday night, nearly 400,000 of some 2 million requested absentee ballots remained outstanding, Simon said.


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