Red Lake River Bridge to Open Next Week

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Mike Flaagen gave a quick presentation to county commissioners Tuesday night at the Justice Center. Flaagen said that the new bridge over the Red Lake River is scheduled to open November 6th. The bridge, along with the east and west approaches, have only one coarse of asphalt and the second, wear layer will have to wait until next spring. This week crews were installing lights and railing on the bridge. The walking path will have to be completed next spring however most of the work will be completed by freeze up. 

Other construction projects are going on in Pennington County. The next few weeks construction will continue on the ditch 96 which is located south of St Hilaire and empties into the Red Lake River. The ditch has been sloughing in on itself which slows water flow. The ditch will be reshaped and repaired so that it works properly.


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